So yes, I can’t believe I finally start blogging at the age of 30! (Can you believe it?!) I mean…if you ask me, Do I like to write? Yes, probably better than talking. Have I ever think to make a blog? Yes, more than a decade ago! (Not now when I have to juggle between raising a toddler, leading a ministry with my husband, and running errands, for sure!)

But yeah, it’s funny how God directs your lives, right? He likes to push you out of your comfort zone and stretch you to be better and better each time. He loves to prove that you’re much more than what you think you are and can do better than what you thought you could do.

So, around a month before my 30th birthday, He gave me a dream when I slept. A very special one. (I’ll write about it later). I prayed and God gave me a revelation and confirmations about it. I shared it with my mentors, mentees and some closest friends whom I know are mature Christians. But that is all! Well, I never really shared something too spiritual like this to random people or in this case, public.

But around 2 weeks after that dream, God told me to write it down. So, I wrote it in my personal journal. And then a week after that, He gave me His words through Habakkuk 2:1-3.


All of the sudden, I remembered a vision I got in a Morning Prayer Tower session at church 2 days following the dream. In the vision, I was standing on a cliff which was really high and shaped like a tower, where I can see everything around the territory. I asked God what it is and all He said was “Tempat Tinggi” or the High Place in English. So after reading the Words and prayed about everything He showed me, I feel the urge to write it on a blog.

Fast forward to 4 months after the dream, here I am, writing the very first post on my blog (What? 4 months after? Yes, you read it right, dear. I’m the worst procrastinator. LOL). But yeah, He only told me to write that particular dream I had, so no string attached here, okay. I may or may not write again on my blog. LOL! I’m joking! (Or I don’t *wink*).


Write to you later,


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